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TOPIC: What do you do?

1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1225

  • susieb
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i own my own salon and had opportunity to do Josh"s hair for a show at Coyote Joe's but had already left hotel - oh yeah i was bumming but when he got to show it was good just had to stand some hair up a little and he was looking good as always - actually i think i may still owe him one cause i cant ever cut it when he needs one
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1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1258

  • Katie
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I'm currently a junior at the University of Tampa, but I did go to a small college in Wisconsin before transferring - I have a double major in Marine Science and Biology. When I graduate, I'm hoping to work in coral reef conservation or sea turtle conservation.

1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1284

  • Jaime
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Ok, this is freaky. Before I graduated, I considered going to the university of Tampa. And before I dropped out of college, I had the same major as Cassie!

1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1310

  • AllisonP
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WOW, so cool seeing what everyone does or wants to do. I guess I didn't mention that I received my bachelor of criminoloy, bachelor of psychology, and associate of sociology from Ohio State. Then I received my master of social work from The University of Cincinnati. Yeah, I went to school a lot, LOL.

1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1334

I currently work in retail. I work for a C-Store chain which does so much more than that, lol. More of a dairy store, Ice Cream shop (BTW we have the #1 and #2 Vanilla flavors in the World, also the best dark chocolate IC), sub/sandwich shop and grocery store that happens to sell gas, LOL. Been there almost 6 and a half years. Was working in one of the stores as a clerk for a while, now I'm like corporate staff and I do shop inventory management (audits) and marketing. Most the time I love it! Sometimes it gets a little much. I have a bachelor's in Business Economics (from Syracuse University, I went to one of their off-shoot schools). My number one job though is Mommy! hehehhe I have a four year old daughter who just started pre-K this year, so that's keeping us busy, plus she just started her second year of dance classes. Eventually I want to own my business, just not sure what I wanna do yet. Thinking I might open my own restuarant at some point.


1 year, 1 month ago Re: What do you do? #1364

  • JoshRocks
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I have an associates degree in early childhood education, after working in daycare for a few years I moved up to be a paraprofessional (a special ed aide) I helped children that needed a little extra help in the classroom, but I got tired of not knowing whether I was going to have a job every year not to mention, between holidays, half days, etc..never getting a full pay check, I decided I wanted to try my hand at web design, so I went back to school for that..while I was doing that I got what I thought would be a good opportunity for me, I was going to manage a website for a small local ski shop. I was to make sure the product we had was on the website and if we didn't have it, I took it off. I was also going to sell the older stuff on eBay...well...that turned into not only do I do that, but I also help receive the merchandise, enter the orders, and pretty much anything else I am asked to do. During all of this I decided that web design was too hard for me, and I really enjoyed graphic design instead, so I switched gears went back to school for that, and ran out of financial aid. so I really would like to continue in that field...I can't finish my degree, because I just can't afford it on what I make..I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a new job, preferably in the graphic design field.
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