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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

In most essay writing tasks, the five paragraph essay is the standard essay, according to experts. So, as you advance your career life, you should gear yourself up to start writing such essays. Again, the moment you master how to write 5 paragraph essay, you can easily craft any other academic essay that comes your way. That is why this article features a detailed guide to writing such an essay. Keep reading this blog for a better understanding.

Defining a five paragraph essay: how much is 5 paragraphs

When tasked to write a five paragraph essay, the first question will be, what does this essay involve? How much content should I include? What is an ideal five paragraph essay template?

Well, as the name is, this essay includes one introduction paragraph, the body section with three paragraphs, and one paragraph for the conclusion, totaling five paragraphs, hence the name.

Other names for this essay type include a three-tier essay, one three-one essay, or a hamburger essay. Should you come across such terms, know it is all about a 5 paragraph essay outline.

How to write five paragraph essay: the 5 paragraph essay outline

Every academic essay requires an appropriate structure with ideas arranged in a clear manner, from the introduction to the conclusion. We have already highlighted that this essay has a total of five paragraphs. Let’s highlight the ideal structure to follow for a five paragraph essay template.  

The introduction

Many students miss important elements on how to start a 5 paragraph essay. The introduction of your five-paragraph essay should include about five sentences that brief the reader about your paper. A good introduction should have a hook or an idea that makes the reader want to keep reading through your paper. Different ways you can use a hook include:

  • Stating a statistic
  • Quoting a famous say
  • Posing a rhetorical question
  • A saying

Since the introduction sets the direction of your paper, ensure you use the first sentence to get the attention of the reader.

Thesis statement‍

After the introduction, the concluding sentence is known as the thesis statement. This is a statement you create, and it should relate to your main topic. Not any statement can fit to be your thesis since all the ideas you will be sharing in the entire essay should align with your thesis statement.

The main body (three paragraphs)

The body paragraphs are the center of your essay. They include crucial content related to the topic you are handling. While all the paragraphs are significant and should present a strong point, ensure the first paragraph should have the strongest ideas about the topic. As a writer, demonstrate to the reader the best argument while including examples and supporting evidence from relevant sources.

Again, your paragraphs should include a topic sentence, which briefs the reader on what the paragraph is all about. The topic sentence you choose and the concepts you will share in each body paragraph should align with your thesis statement,

Note: you can always include a hook as your topic sentence for body paragraphs as a way of engaging the reader.  

So, in each paragraph, include the following in the same order:

  • One introduction sentence
  • Explanation of your argument
  • A concluding sentence

The introduction sentence should only brief the reader about the argument you want to present. Let the reader find more information after reading the entire paragraph.

The conclusion

This is the final section of your five-paragraph essay in about three to five sentences, and it should include the following ideas:

  • A mention of what you had written in the introduction
  • A re-write of the thesis statement (do not copy-paste, but use another approach that depicts you are refereeing to the thesis statement).
  • A summary of the concepts you have described in the three body paragraphs
  • Closing remarks that show the reader they are finalizing reading through your essay.

Note: you can always use a five paragraph essay rubrics to evaluate your score once you have written your essay.


Writing essays is a must for students pursuing different levels of education. Make this write-up your reference article whenever writing a five paragraph essay to clear any doubts.