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11 Creative Tips to Help Write a Critical Essay

Different types of essays require the writer to implement varied strategies to bring out the desired purpose of a given essay. This piece features the elements and pro tips of writing a critical essay. So, are you almost writing a critical essay, or have you written a similar essay before but failed to put your facts and concepts right? Keep reading to find out the approaches you should consider to bring out desirable critical response essays.

Critical essay definition: what are critical essays?

Before highlighting creative tips when writing a critical essay, let’s have a better understanding of this essay type first and the key aspects that define it. By its name, this essay type requires the writer to share their views on a given topic. While you may have either a positive or a negative feeling towards the given topic, that is not all. You need to explain in detail for the reader to understand why you choose to view the topic in a given manner.

For instance, you can get a task requiring you to evaluate a given part of a whole book or even a section of the book. The tutor simply wants to see how you will argue out your points and make them relevant and meaningful.

Since you will share different points to emphasize your argument, ensure every relevant point has supporting evidence to back up your claims.

Remember to also explain why it is important to write such a task, and you must have a thesis statement to achieve this. As always, come up with a creative and unique thesis statement that aligns well with your topic. Ensure by reading your thesis statement; the reader can easily define the direction of your paper without having to research more explanations.

Again, this type of essay should be argumentative and have solid supporting evidence from credible sources.

Writing critical response essays: pro tips

Critical essays require the writer to use strategic approaches to bring out a satisfactory paper. If you have been struggling with such an essay or if you are almost writing such an essay, be sure to use the following tips for effectiveness.

1. Create a critical essay outline

Once you have your topic, that isn’t the right time to start writing. Take time, do some research and decide which arguments you want to present in your paper. Then, create a simplified outline that you will have to follow when writing the final draft.

2. Review different topics for critical essay

One element that will determine the authenticity of your essay critical essay is the topic. So, avoid settling on any topic that comes to your mind. Instead, highlight several topic ideas and weigh if they will give you relevant points in your argument. Finally, filter out some topics until you choose a desirable one.

3. Don’t forget the critical essay format

Like other essays, ensure your critical essay has a perfect format as required by the tutor. Be sure to highlight a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and a desirable conclusion. Also, take note of the font style, size, and other formatting requirements.

4. Define your argument

Before you begin writing a critical essay, determine the points you want to argue out first before you plan your outline.

5. Review other critical essay examples

You might not always know the ideas to put in different types of essays. Avoid guessing and check different examples to clear up any doubts. 

6. Engage the reader

Since a critical essay is based on personal arguments on a given topic, make sure you write your points as you keep the reader in mind.

7. Use hooks

While you are arguing out your views on a critical essay, be sure to make it interesting, especially for the reader to love your piece.

8. Always proofread

Never submit your essay without reading through to note and correct some possible errors which can deny you good marks.

9. Avoid long descriptions

While arguing your points, do not include wordy or long descriptions that will make it boring to read.

10. Write a catchy introduction

The introduction part of your essay is crucial part as it determines how interesting your paper will be.

11. Be original

You will want your paper to stand out, and this means you avoid using other people’s work.


Are you almost writing your critical essay? Well, try using the above tips for an easy experience writing such an essay.