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Writing an Identity Essay: All You Need to Know

As you advance your career life, you must have written several types of essays. Writing essays may seem a complex process until when you have to write an identity essay. You must ensure you understand the elements of such an essay first and how you should structure it to meet the reader’s needs. Keep reading for a better understanding.

What is a college essays about identity

Also known as a tell us your story essay, a self identity essay simply defines the writer in psychological, emotional, and physical aspects. As a writer, you simply explain who you are through this essay. Although some find it hard to write about themselves, you will need to re-discover yourself to ensure you write the best paper. So, ensure after writing the paper, the reader can easily analyze the narration and be able to visualize your journey in life up to your present life and the direction you intend to take for future achievements.

The outline of college essays about identity

While writing a self-identity essay reflects a personal experience, it is essential that the writer incorporate an appropriate structure for easy reading. If you aren’t sure of the appropriate structure, ensure to check an identity essay example. Nonetheless, below is the outline of the essay on self identity:

The introduction

Like other essay-writing tasks, essays about identity must begin with a constructive introduction to your selected topic. The introduction welcomes the reader to your paper and helps the reader understand the dimension of your paper. This means that you must implement creative techniques to ensure the reader loves your paper at the first impression. Among the techniques or hooks you can apply to your paper include stating a fact or posing a question.

One more thing, ensure you include the thesis statement as the last sentence in the introduction section. Be sure to choose a relevant thesis statement since all the ideas you will share in the paper should revolve around this statement.

The main body

Unlike other essays, an identity essay requires the writer to include their name, family, and the activities they are doing. While the order of events doesn’t really matter, they should flow in a clear and organized manner for the reader to connect events well. This calls for the use of transition words as you reflect on the thesis statement.

Note: in the main body of this essay, ensure you include a topic sentence to brief the reader on what they are about to read. Besides, a topic sentence in an essay on self identity keeps the reader engaged throughout the reading process.

The conclusion

Finally, you will have to give your identity essay an ending. Based on your topic, make sure you highlight your future ambitions, how you ought to achieve your desires and how you see yourself in a couple of years.

Note: avoid using wordings that indicate conclusion, such as to sum up and in conclusion, since this essay type isn’t a speech. Instead, let the conclusion flow naturally from the ideas you have shared in the main body.

Pro tips for writing college essays about identity

1. Review different essay topics on identity

In essay writing, the topic you choose plays a crucial role in how easy the paper will be. Be sure to highlight several topics, then filter irrelevant or topics you cannot comprehend easily.

2. Review a personal identity essay example

Another practical tip that will see you creating an incredible identity essay is reviewing similar examples. Through online platforms and top libraries, you can easily find samples to relate with to ensure you do the right thing when writing.

3. Always create an outline first

Once you have your topic for an essay on self identity, avoid starting to write your ideas right away. Instead, take time, prepare your ideas and create a clear outline as a point of reference when writing your final paper. The outline will not only help you include everything in the paper, but it will also save you more time during the writing process.

4. Always proofread

Of course, every writer always believes in their work. However, some mistakes do happen, and you can barely note them during the writing process. You need to ensure you submit a clean paper, and that is why you should go through the paper after writing to correct possible grammar errors and typos. If possible, give another person your paper to proofread.


In the process of achieving academic goals, there is no doubt that essay writing is a crucial element of the whole process. Are you almost writing a tell us your story essay? Make this article your point of reference.