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Fan Club
Josh Gracin Fan Club
Josh Gracin Fan Club
PO Box 120361
Nashville TN 37212
Booking Agency
William Morris Agency
1600 Division St., Ste. 300
Nashville, TN 37203

Josh on CMT

Question: I signed up via mail. Where is my membership package?

Answer: If you signed up via mail, we have automatically credited you with a membership to JoshGracin.com good through April 15, 2007. As this club is now completely online, we do not mail out membership cards or packages. All the special features of the club, including exclusive behind-the-scenes video, photos, chat room, members-only message boards, interviews/chats with the band, meet & greet forms and VIP ticket forms, all are available here on the website. Meet & Greet passes are picked up the day of the show at the specific venue.

If you sent payment for a fan club membership after the first of April, your payment should have been returned to you and you will be required to set up your membership through the new web site.