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March 18th, 2003 - Get ready y�all�it�s country night! (Well, and rock�)

That thank you to the troops was awesome!

Our Top Ten: Julia Demato, Carmen Rasmusen, Kimberly Caldwell, Rickey Smith, Trenyce, Kimberley Locke, Clay Aiken, Reuben Studdard, Corey Clark, Josh Gracin

Guest Celebrity Judge: Olivia Newton John Cool beans! I love Grease!!

Josh Gracin: singing �Ain�t Goin� Down Til The Sun Goes Up� Go Josh!!! He sounds awesome!!! Josh was amazing�this was excellent!! First, and he OWNED the stage. It was all him!!

Trenyce: �I Need You� It�s a pretty song. She sounds okay. But this is not her best performance. Pretty dress too.

Kimberley Locke: �I Can�t Make You Love Me� She sounds good. I enjoyed it.

Corey Clark: �Drift Away� I thought he sounded good. But he was boring performance wise.

Carmen Rasmusen: �Wild Angels� She sounds good. I was impressed tonight. Happy Birthday Carmen! Lol I liked her performance a lot.

Rickey Smith: �??� He�s boring tonight. He doesn�t sound bad, but he was boring.

Kimberly Caldwell: �No More� She didn�t sound good in my opinion, not her best performance. And her outfit is awful.

Ruben Studdard: �Sweet Home Alabama� Good song. I think that he did a good job tonight.

Julia DeMato: �Breathe� You know, she sang well. But again, she just doesn�t look like she�s having fun. Maybe it�s just me?

Clay Aiken: �Someone Else�s Star� He�s broadway, oh so broadway. He was okay tonight, but not great or anything.

Who will be eliminated tonight??

I like the Randy dictionary�where do I pick one up??

Wasn�t Carmen cute? She was like �Josh was rockin�.�

I love their group song! �Where The Blacktop Ends� They sound great!!

The charity single is a cool thing. Where do I pick one up?

Question Time�

AWWW!!! Simon is soo sweet!!!! That was cute!!

I agree with Paula on the voting off thing.

OH MY GOSH!!! LOL!!! �Are you available Ryan?� LOL I can�t stop laughing�

Oh, and I soo knew those questions that Ryan asked�.why wasn�t I there?? I could have gotten in!!!

LOL at the �we gave them all tickets, don�t worry� Good, cause that would�ve been mean.

The group singing Lee Greenwood�s �God Bless The USA� is beautiful. I�m seriously crying. This song always makes me cry. And Josh starting it off was beautiful. It was an awesome tribute. Amazing. �The most powerful words you�ll hear on American Idol tonight.� ~ Ryan Seacrest I agree.

American Jr. Idol: Ages 6-13 So for all you youngins� (like I�m old! I really just like saying that word, but moving on�)

In the bottom 3...
Kim Caldwell
Julia DeMato

JOSH IS SAFE!!! (well, I figured, but still YAY!!)

And of course, we�ll find out the third after the break�
Rickey Smith

And saying that Julia has been in the bottom three the last couple weeks is kinda mean�true, but mean�

Rickey Smith is safe the week�

After the break (duh) we�ll find out who goes home�

Julia is going home�

Oh wow, do you see Kim?? She is a mess�I guess they were really close�I feel sorry for her�

I think it�s awesome that they�re doing it again�and I�m crying again�lol�and did you see Josh point at Ann Marie? That was soo sweet!!

A beautiful way to end the show�

What do you think of Josh "going country"?
He already was country! Why can't people realize that?!
I love it! Country music is awesome.
I don't care what he sings, his voice is amazing.
I prefer his "pop voice."
I don't like it.

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