Thank you for performing at the Indiana State Fair / WFMS Free Stage. I'm sure you don't remember, but I was in the front row with my little girl on my shoulders. It was her first concert!
Posted by: ebarnes / September 2, 2023

how about a concert in Tampa Florida?
Posted by: Country4Denver / September 2, 2023

Hey! what's with all the Iowa concerts being in casinos? I can't go to them because I'm not 21! Come back to South eastern Iowa soon!!! :D Luv ya!
Posted by: JoshGracinFan107 / September 2, 2023

Josh, Hey Brother do you still have the Challange Coin I gave you at the Ingham County Fair in Mason, MI last year. I will be coin checking you in November when you play in Charlotte.
Posted by: armyjason1976 / September 3, 2023

hey. when are ya comin to chicago or dabuqe. i really want to see ya. i have been wanting to meet you for a while now. well best of luck. i request chicago in the summer or early fall.
Posted by: budweiser1 / September 3, 2023

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