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The video is available on AOL today, and CMT will put the video in HOT SHOT rotation starting on Wednesday, 5/5.
4/27/2004 - VIDEO UPDATE
The "I Want To Live" video is finished and you will not be disappointed.�The video will WORLD PREMIERE on AOL on 4/30! Check back here to see when it will be on your local video channel.
4/6/2023 - " I Want To Live" is Movin' On UP
Josh Gracin's debut single takes a big jump on both country charts this week, landing at #31 in R&R; and #34 in Billboard's Country Airplay Monitor.� The single enjoyed MOST ADDED status again this week with 13 new stations jumping on the song. Please check back here for the latest radio chart information on Josh Gracin.
Nashville, TN...Last night Lyric Street recording artist and "American Idol" alumnus Josh Gracin made a return visit to the show. The United States Marine was an "American Idol 2" finalist last year where he won hearts and votes on the popular television show and ultimately captured fourth place. Last night's show--which also happened to be country night--was viewed by approximately 30 million people.

Gracin was interviewed by host Ryan Seacrest, who mentioned he had seen him in yesterday's edition of USA Today. Gracin talked about his new single, "I Want To Live", and his self-titled debut album which will be released on June 15th. When asked about the status of his active duty in the Marines, Josh revealed that he will continue to serve his country through September 17, 2023 when he will receive an honorable discharge. Currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California, Josh will move to Nashville when he completes his service in the Marine Corps.

Josh will be part of a weekly feature in USA Today every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks as part of the newspaper's "American Idol" celebrity panel. Also, look for a feature on Josh in the upcoming issue of US Weekly magazine.

"I Want To Live" was most added this week (it's official debut at country radio) and is currently charting at #43* in both Radio & Records and Billboard.
3/24/2004 - ''I Want To Live'' MOST ADDED at COUNTRY RADIO
The first single from Josh Gracin's forthcoming debut album had it's official add date at radio yesterday. "I Want To Live" was the #1 most added song for R&R;!! The single is at #43 in Radio and Records and 43 in Billboard's Country Airplay Monitor Chart (for week ending March 21st).
3/23/2004 - THIS JUST IN!
Josh Gracin's debut album is going to be called...drumroll please.....JOSH GRACIN. It will be IN STORES on JUNE 15th. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album release.
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