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Whew! Long week on the road. Couldn’t have done it without all the great fans who made it out! I’ll tell you what, there were some laughs behind the scenes. This week was filled with pranks and stupidity. From my best friend James taking it in the face by a baby powder soaked pillow to a redneck dance party in the rain hosted by our very own merch man Steven Parvin. I would love to sit here and explain every detail but a video will bring it to life better than my words can. Hope you guys have as much fun watching it as we had making it!I’m very excited about all the new things that my wonderful team has assembled for me. Really looking forward bringing them to you very soon! Stay tuned for exciting things to come in the near future all starting with the new single "Cover Girl"! Don't forget to buy your copy in iTunes  today! JG

Free Music For Being an Amazing Fan... THANK YOU!

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Hey Everyone!  So the day is finally here, the big announcement is out and you have new FREE music in your ears!  It’s the least I could do to show each and every one of you how much it means to me that you have stuck around and supported me over all these years.  From voting for me on American Idol, to buying my records, to waiting for my next big label move to reading this blog right now, you’ve always been there… THANK YOU!

Josh Gracin to play at Fat Daddy's

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Josh Gracin first made his way into the hearts of fans everywhere as the marine-turned-American Idol finalist during season 2.

Seven years, two albums and a string of hit singles later, Gracin is preparing to release his third studio album set for release this fall. "Cover Girl" is the first single from the album to hit airwaves in the coming weeks.

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