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Who Is Josh Picking to Win the Super Bowl?

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It's finally here, Super Bowl weekend!  Who is Josh picking to win the big game?  Thanks to Country Music Is Love you now know!
“Green Bay… because I hate Polamalu’s hair!”  (in reference to Pittsburgh Steelers Strong Safety, Troy Polamalu)
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Shelagh Brown, Winner of "Make It Rain with Josh Gracin", Blogs!

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Hello friends,
Just wanted to fill you in on my most recent (and exciting) journeys in my career... which involved a recording studio, with Josh Gracin, in Nashville!!  So here's the short story: I won a contest to sing a duet with Josh Gracin!!!  Woohoo!!
Alright, ready for the details?  Here are all the bits and pieces:
This past November I noticed on B93.7 WBCT's website a link that mentioned something along the lines of "Win to duet with Josh Gracin".  So, naturally, I clicked on the link, read the rules, and entered the contest (in which stations across the nation were participating).  In entering the contest, I had to submit a YouTube video of me singing a portion of the duet that would be recorded, a song that Josh Gracin wrote called "Only When It Rains".  Next step involved waiting :)  People were allowed to enter their videos up till Dec. 31st.  Past that, I wasn't sure when a winner was going to be announced.
Skipping forward a couple weeks:  B93 gave me a call and told me they were interested in having me come into the station to do an interview, reason being they wanted to keep up with local country artists in Michigan and they wanted to know what I was up to.  Mid interview, there was a "caller" on the line.  To my surprise, that caller was.... (all together now!) Josh Gracin!! :) He was on the line to let me know that I was chosen as the winner for the contest, and that I would be flying down to Nashville to record it with him!!  My heart was probably beating about twice as fast as it should be at this point... yeehaw!!
Skipping forward a couple more weeks:  NASHVILLE!!  Oh, how I love this city :)  I was flown down this past Monday (Jan. 24th) morning, recorded in the studio with Josh Gracin and Average Joe's Entertainment, and came back home to Kalamazoo during the wee hours of the morning this Wednesday.  Recording was wonderful... everyone who was there for the session was awesome and so friendly (Josh, Shannon, Aaron, Boogie, Rachel, Lefty), and I really enjoyed working with them!  The studio space was sweet, and I had a great time recording with Josh.  The song is a beautiful song, and I must say our voices sound VERY good together! :)
Next step?  Just a little more waiting, now, for the CD to be completed and released!  (Which will be sometime this year.)  I, for sure, will be one of the first in line to buy Josh's CD.  Actually, I'll probably buy a few, haha!  I'll keep you all updated on the release, as well, so you (and all your friends and family) can all buy a copy, too!! :)
And, I just want to say one more time:  Thank you.  Thank you for being a part of my career and musical family, and for all of your support!  I'm so glad that I'm able to share every step with all of you!!
Love, Shelagh

Make it Rain with Josh Gracin Winner!

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Congratulations to Shelagh Brown for being chosen as the winner of the "Make it Rain with Josh Gracin" contest!  Hundreds of great videos were submitted but there was no denying Shelagh was the winner!
Shelagh heard about the contest on her local country station, WBCT in Grand Rapids, MI.  WBCT's Operation manager, Doug Montgomery, had this to say about the contest winner, "Shelagh is yet another reason why Michigan is becoming a hotbed of great, talented, new Country Music stars!"What is the next step for Shelagh?  Recording the duet of "Only When It Rains" with Josh himself in Nashville, TN.  Stay tuned for more information on when you can hear and purchase the song.  Until then, enjoy Shelagh's version of the song via her audition video below.

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