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Concert Review: Josh Gracin at 8 Seconds Saloon

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Friday night, an American Idol artist made a pit stop in Indianapolis. If you’re like me, you don’t watch Idol. Never saw the point in watching pop artists do Karaoke when I can go to my local bar and see that on a Monday night. However, what I’ve noticed from a lot of the talent coming out of Idol now-a-days is that they are actually good. I couldn’t believe some of the talent coming out.

So, since we’re approaching 10 years since the show came on, it would be fitting that I see my first Idol contest live… And he didn’t disappoint.

Josh Gracin graced the Idol scene in season 2 and unfortunately didn’t win because he had to continue his duties as a US Marine, but what he did do was captivate the audience enough to make it close to the final round. I had never heard of the man before last week, but had been reassured by a couple of Country listening friends that he was a great act to watch. They were right.

Before the main event can get underway, though, you have to make way for the undercard. Jesse Brown took the stage at 8 Seconds Saloon first and delivered a hell of a performance. Her voice was rich and the music was actually good. She enjoyed regularly walking around the stage and interacting with fans while telling short little tales of her songs that she’d written. And for the record, she was pretty easy on the eyes too.

The band had an awesome sound to them, but other than the guitarists getting into it every so often, they were largely uneventful. Thankfully, the front woman had enough charisma to keep the crowd into it for her set.

After Jesse Brown left the stage, and after a few pregame brews, the crowd got set for Josh Gracin to come on stage. He was preceded by a band that blew me away more than any other band I’ve seen accompany a singer before.

The two guitarists that led the stage were phenomenal. I haven’t seen people that good in a long time, and good is an understatement. The interaction between not only the fans and themselves, but also with Josh himself was wonderful. During solos, the 3 would exchange words, presumably jokes since one would always walk away laughing.

The drummer was awesome, however borderline creepy at times with the faces he’d make. He had great enthusiasm and would regularly throw drum sticks to Josh, who would in turn play with them for a moment then toss them to fans.

Josh himself, well – he was the show. He had an awesome voice that caused many women to scream ecstatically. (Sorry ladies, he is married.) Not only did he play a plethora of his own hits, but he also did what made him famous to begin with… Played covers.

Something that not a lot of bands do is step out of genres that are way out of their bounds. Classic rock and other songs are usually normal bounds, but I’ve never seen a country band cover punk rock. Josh pulled off Green Day and he pulled off “Basket Case” fairly freaking decently. It was beyond awesome to hear a country band pull something like that out.

Not only did he cover Green Day, but he also pulled out a little Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The songs that he played other than the covers were awesome, especially the acoustic solo. The band joining in was a little unnoticed at first but was a welcomed addition after his second song.

When the band was finished, I thought the encore would consist of his biggest hit, but it instead consisted of a freaking awesome cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” When I say awesome, let me describe it in awesomeness:

First the band started coming back out onto the stage and playing. When Josh started singing, most of us toward the front didn’t know where to look. Then the lights shined behind us and we looked back on the dance floor and there was Josh amongst the fans singing away!

He would make his way around shaking hands and giving high fives all the way around (the long way) back to the stage! Not only is the man a great act, but he’s a top notch performer for pulling something like that off! Once again – the guitarists and him would come to the front of the stage and rock out with the crowd.

After one more song, Josh and co. made their way to the front of the house to sign autographs and shake hands, which is more than you can say with a lot of performers today.

To break it down… This concert was just phenomenal. I loved absolutely everything about it and couldn’t have been more pleased with the events that unfolded. Josh himself is a pretty stand up guy, not only being a former Marine, but also taking the initiative to meet his fans after his show.

If you missed the show, man am I sorry for you. By now, most of you should know that we’re doing live Twitter feeds for shows, and tonight’s show wasn’t any different. Not only should you take the time to follow us, but also to follow the bands that we cover and the venues we’re at. For Friday’s show, @joshgracin was the top Twitter feed and @indyconcerts is the spot to get the updates. Also follow @8seconds to catch up on 8 Seconds Saloon info.

Thanks again to 8 Seconds Saloon and the Bud Light Hank It Up Tour for bringing Josh Gracin to Indianapolis. With a little bit of luck, maybe we can get him back again soon!

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Just love it. Great job.

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