2/18/2005 -
 Journal Entry: Greetings, Josh Fans! I know you�re all dying to know how things are going in Josh�s busy life. Well, for starters, Josh took some time off for the holidays, which was very nice. We spent our first Christmas in our new home and went home to Michigan just after Christmas to visit with family and bring in the New Year. Josh and his band hit the road at the end of January and can�t wait to play a show near you soon. We had a blast on the last gigs he did in both Jacksonville, FL and New Orleans, LA. Briana and I went along for that trip and had the time of our lives. The trip started out in Florida, where we experienced the NFL Super Bowl Jam on the Friday before the big game. The fans in Florida were awesome and the people working for the NFL were great. Then we went on to New Orleans where the fun never ends. Josh was honored to be a Celebrity Monarch in the Krewe of Orpheus parade and events during Mardi Gras. We watched many parades and Briana caught hundreds of beads in all different colors. Josh got to do a toast to Sean Astin from the balcony of the Astor Hotel on the corner of Bourbon and Canal Streets, when the Krewe of Bacchus parade passed the Orpheus Captain�s Party. You may remember Sean from �Lord of the Rings�. The next evening (Monday/Lundi Gras), I got to ride with Josh on the Captain�s Float in The Krewe of Orpheus parade as the guest of Sonny Borey (Captain of Orpheus) and to experience Mardi Gras like we had never imagined. We spent over four hours winding through the streets of New Orleans on a seven mile route that put us in front of over 1 million people, and my shoulder still feels as though I tossed a strand of Mardi Gras beads to every single person with their arms raised. We were so honored to be a part of such an amazing set of events and it was definitely the ride of a life-time. Josh capped off our evening by joining his band to close the event that caps off Orpheus� Mardi Gras festivities, �OrpheusCapade� and performed an outstanding, one hour set that put the 7�000 members and guests of Orpheus on their feet for the rest of the evening. Thanks to Sonny Borey and Ardley Hanemann with The Krewe of Orpheus for making our first trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras as amazing as it was and for showing us the classy and elegant side of their beautiful city. That�s all for now from me and all I can say to close is that Josh will continue to put on an amazing show for any of you lucky enough to have him play near your town. Please know that Josh appreciates the support that each of you have shown him and works hard to insure that after each show he gets to meet all of his fans in each city before leaving town for his next show. Ann Gracin

 11/3/2004 -
 Journal Entry: Hey there Josh Gracin Fans! I thought while I have a few minutes until Josh's show tonight that I would catch you guys up on a little bit of what lifes been like for Josh, me and Briana lately. As you all know, Josh recently finished out his career in the Marines in September and was finally able to join me and Briana in our new home in Nashville, which we absolutely love. Josh and I took a three day getaway to the Smokey Mountains to relax and spend some quality time together. We went horseback riding, sightseeing and Josh and I rode on a ski-lift that overlooked Gatlinburg, TN (Secret about Josh... He's afraid of heights!). We also enjoyed all of the great shopping there as well. After spending some time together as a family, Josh hit the road on his very first tour. He spent the first two weeks of October touring the west coast with his awesome band. The next trip out I went along for a few days and got a chance to watch his live show and let me tell you the show rocks! Briana and I have been on a few runs with Josh and I have had a chance to meet some really great people. If you get a chance, come out and see a show. Josh would love to meet each and every one of his fans. For now I hope that I gave you all a better personal view of Josh's new life. I will keep you up to date with anything new. Thank you for being such wonderful fans... Ann Gracin

 6/3/2004 - A Message from Cindy
 Journal Entry:  Hey all!� This is Cindy (I bet you didn�t expect to see me back here on JG.COM!), temporarily filling in for Josh�s wife Ann while she moves everything into the new Gracin home in Tennessee.� When she has more time on her hands, she�ll be giving everyone an inside look at their life and family from a more personal, unique perspective.� It will definitely be an interesting contribution to the website that I�m sure you all will enjoy.� ����

�  I know you�re all as excited as I am about Josh�s album.� Less than two short weeks left until we�re all rushing out to buy it!� Let�s all remember to keep requesting �I Want To Live� on our local radio stations; and don�t forget, the video is on CMT and GAC!� Our �American Idol� dialing fingers may be a bit rusty, but let�s show �em what Josh fans are made of � we need to make �I Want To Live� #1!�

 Well, I'm done and already looking forward to making my next post :) Keep checking AnnMarie�s Desk for new entries!�

 5/10/2004 - Welcome to Ann Marie's Desk!
 Journal Entry: For those of you who don't know, Ann Marie is Josh's wife. From time to time, Ann will be making entries in this online journal... she will be writing from what is undoubtedly the BEST insiders viewpoint into Josh's life ! So check back soon to read all about Ann and her thoughts !